In this project the time series of black carbon concentrations and deposition have been used to demonstrate the operation of the emission and atmospheric models.

Black carbon concentration has been continuously monitored at environmentally different sites in Finland: a marine site in Utö in the Gulf of Finland, a background forest site Hyytiälä in central Finland, and Global Atmosphere Watch station in Pallas, Finnish Lapland, and at rural sites at Virolahti and Kuopio.

In addition to the continuous monitoring, black carbon concentrations have been measured in three demonstration experiments campaigns during winters to assess the deposition of black carbon to snow. For the assessment of direct climate forcing by black carbon, also scattering of light by aerosol is measured at the same sites.

The black carbon concentrations are used for calculating light absorption. Together with the light scattering by aerosols the direct climate forcing by the soot aerosol are estimated.


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