Simulation results

One of the aims in the MACEB project is to estimate black carbon concentrations and corresponding radiative forcing as well as other climate effects over the Arctic areas. This has been done by using the international and national (Finnish) models and by experimental measurements of black carbon concentrations on surface air and snow.

In this section the simulation results of the black carbon emissions, concentrations and climatic impacts in different scenarios are analyzed in more detail.

The main results of model simulations are shown visually in the Result viewer. From the Results viewer, the desired variable (emissions, surface-air concentration, burden, black carbon snow deposition, forcing and aerosol absorption) and emission scenario can be chosen and further plotted as monthly- or annual-mean time resolution on a map that covers either the entire globe, Europe or Arctic areas. It is also possible to see how the variable of interest has changed in each scenario compared to the base year (2005). Alternatively, it is possible to look at the changes in the variable of interest if either Finnish or European (EU-27) emissions of black carbon, organic carbon and sulfate have been removed altogether.


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