Mitigation costs

Many of the suggested black carbon mitigation measures such as diesel particle filters and clean burning stoves are already being implemented in several countries , mainly in the developed countries and experience regarding direct implementation costs already exists. An initial estimate of implementation costs for the identified measures in the residential and transport sectors in the European Union has been developed using the GAINS model and is demonstrated in the MACEB project.

The GAINS and FRES models contain cost data for the major emission reduction technologies, and uses calculation routines that consider the impacts of important local factors on emission control costs.

For mitigation measures that require improved governance rather than application of new technologies alone, it is difficult to quantify the costs of overcoming implementation barriers and associated monitoring and enforcement. Therefore cost estimates are not provided for the costs associated with regulations to remove high emitting vehicles from traffic or to stop the open burning of agricultural crop residues.

The figure below provides cost estimates in the EU27 for the identified measures in the residential and transport sectors, computed with the GAINS model for the year 2030.


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